If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us at Horse Haven Rescue located in Justin, TX please contact us.

 Horse Haven Rescue relies on our dedicated group of volunteers to care for our horses every day.  Whether it’s daily chores like mucking stalls, bathing horses, mending fences, or helping with ground maintenance, you will play an important role in HHR’s mission.  We have volunteer opportunities for any level of experience.

Help is needed on both weekend and weekday  evening shifts. Our Volunteer hours vary everyday depending on weather and other factors. 

Volunteer Help

Fence Repair

If you have experience with fencing we could really use your help! 

If you would like to volunteer for this please contact me at 214.277.1278

Cleaning Barns and Grooming

We can always use help cleaning the stalls and picking up in Pastures. The horses always love some one on one as well. Come get to know our beautiful creatures by spend some time with them grooming and bathing as well. (depending on the horse). Giving them love and showing them compassion is what its all about.

Questions and / or concerns

I am always available. If you have any questions or concerns about a horse please email me or call me right away, don't hesitate. I may not always be able to accept a rescue depending on how full we are at the time. But, I network with many other rescue organizations and can usually find a spot for him/her somewhere where they will get the BEST care always.  Its what we do! It takes a Village. 

Community Service

If you have community hours you need to serve we will be offering this option soon. Please check back with us. 

Congrats to T. Bear!

Bear will finally be here the first week in February. 

We also will be accepting a new Rescue February 1st as well! 

A few things to remember

We cannot save them all. 

Not all our horses will look healthy. Remember they are Rescues for a reason!

Horses are the best kind of Therapy. They need you as much as we need them. 

Horses lend us the wings we lack.