How you can help


Items we need

Loafing shed (12X36)

Water Troughs (Rubber or Plastic)

Utility or Round Pen Panels 

Medical supplies

Ultra-shield fly-spray 

Fine Shavings, pine pellets, PDZ.

Donations for Feed & Hay

Fencing supplies


We will be starting riding lessons here soon! If you are interested in finding out more about our kidz program and lessons please email us or call at 214-277-1278. 



We are always in need of Hay, Feed, Shavings, Medical supplies. The easiest way for us to obtain these items is through cash donations and fundraising. If you are interested in making a donation and or helping us with fundraising please  click on the donate button on the first page or mail to:

18991 Brookfield Dr

Justin, TX 76247

Share the big news

We will be moving T. bear to our facility February 1st!!!


Our horses care and safety come first. 

All rescues brought here to Horse Haven Rescue will go through a 30 day Quarantine to ensure the health of all others. They also go through a full check up by a veterinarian.

Our rescues will be fully vetted and treated and then rehabilitated and retrained. When they have been declared healthy by a Vet and pass our training course only then will they be up for adoption.