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Horse Haven Rescue is a horse rescue facility located in Justin, TX dedicated to saving and rehabilitating horses.

HHR is a home for the rescued to build their minds, bodies, and souls to allow them to move on and find a forever home through our adoption program.

Our goal is to rescue the ones we can, and although we realize we can’t save them all, we believe each horse we can save is worth fighting for. Each horse's life is important to us and we make sure they know it from the moment they step foot on our property.

We provide each horse with the care, training, love, and space they need to recover. If a horse is unable to recover from their abuse/neglect, we allow them to cross the rainbow bridge with peace, comfort, dignity and love surrounding them. We work closely with a team of equine specialists, and make our decisions based on what is best for each horse.  We allow our horses to bond with each other in herds. These bonds are an important part of their rehabilitation.

When our horses have completed their rehabilitation we look for lifetime forever homes for them. Each horse has specific needs and care so we are diligent to find the right forever home for each and every one of them. We are firm believers that pasture pals can be just as wonderful and fulfilling members of a family and herd as a sound horse. We adopt within two hours of our rescue, as we like to stay in touch with our rescue families to ensure that our mission is carried over to our rescue’s new homes.

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Horse rescues are not exempt from the principles of resource management and sustainability. Feed, hay, time, money, and space are all resources that have to be managed wisely in order to do the most good for the greatest number of horses. When the number of horses that a rescue takes in exceeds the amount of resources available bad things happen. Saving horses takes more than good intentions, it takes sound principles, responsible resource management and a lot of commitment.

Every rescue horse undergoes a 30 day evaluation – at minimum – to determine the type of work and rider that will suit them best. Professional training is available for every horse as well as medical, farrier and dental attention as needed.


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